T+ Tech is our technology suite that specializes in building mobile applications across a wide range of utilities in open finance and microservices. The goal of our developments is to see financial inclusion, while serving the unbanked and underbanked.

We build seamless banking, investing and all-in-one app solutions for your brand or company. You can mix and match any of our microservices that best suit you. Our services include real-time communications for our clients and their end-users, as well as a CRM management system to track and monitor your business from one screen.

T+ Technology

T+ TECH innovating through technology


At T+ we have developed advanced AIs and NLP technologies. Our AI enables secure, hyper personalized services with omni channel plans.


Our NLP technology enables users to maximize their personal benefits from the internet’s endless information with speed and efficiency.


“Hyper personalized” usability experience across our open finance micro services architecture.