Our affiliate program offers some of the best advantages on the market to those who wish to attract clients to our brands and be supported in their on-line efforts. This is the perfect program for those who have a good knowledge of internet marketing and website capabilities. And with this program affiliates earn for every client funnelled and converted through any of the four brands: TRADE.com, Finq.com.

Affiliate Portal

Gain access to renowned systems that are customized to your needs. Robust systems from Trade Capital Holding to strengthen the conversion rate ratio.


From a single interface, we can create different pools, provide a sales and retention team, assign clients to partners’ team members, view the pipeline and team production.

Advanced Reporting System

Our partners and business generators need to ensure they on top of production and earnings. Our advanced reporting systems allows a view of everything necessary to fully maximize this potential.

CRM Tools

Partners rely on this robust platform with integrated reporting. The CRM system is used either in full or limited use for acquisition and retention, where managers can control the information stream to their teams.