Trade Capital Holding Ltd has developed a portfolio of products that span the innovative spectrum of investments. From day trading to long term fund accounts, we provide clients with the facility to:

Allocate risk through
integrated product plans;


Apportion money to separate
products and platforms;

Choose from regulatory

market products

Even select specific growth
sectors with the latest.

Our clients have access to the latest and most unique range of investments offered on the market today.

As stand-alone investments or utilized in integrated structural plans, every product is regulated and supported by expert account managers. All our clients are protected and have access to research, analysis, news and performance data to allow for truly informed investment decisions.

CFDs Contracts for Difference

Whilst DMA deals in real stock ownership, CFDs maintain a contract to trade funds on the movement of the underlying asset, the difference in price over a specific period of time.

Our clients can trade 24 hours round the clock on currencies, bonds, ETFs, stocks, commodities and indices – over 2,100 assets to choose from on powerful MetaTrader and WebTrader platforms. Leverage is offered on specific brands and through our Elective Professional Programme, with low spreads across all instruments.

Investment in CFDs is risky, and though traders are protected against specific events by regulatory law, we urge anyone looking at CFD trading to take advantage of our education and market news to inform decisions on buying and selling assets.

DMA Direct market Access

Our premium brand works as a broker to execute market transactions for clients buying and selling real shares on U.S and European exchanges. Once the transition is complete, the order and security trade is recorded by the exchange, be it NYSE, NASDAQ, DAX or CAC.

Traditionally traders would place bids to buy and sell at the price quoted by the broker, however with the advantage of using Trade Capital Holding technology, clients take complete control with a fully transparent view of the stock exchange’s order book.

We provide one of the most powerful platforms in the world powered by Interactive Brokers LLC, with institutional-grade execution and clearing.

Pre-IPO marketplace

This gives investors the rare opportunity to invest in late stage start-ups before they go public on the stock exchange. Many of the companies listed will be well-known names like Airbnb and Impossible Foods.

Asset Management

This outstanding service gives investors the chance to invest in broadly diversified and professionally managed portfolios. The portfolios are fully diversified across all major asset classes and bundled into one single investment solution; they are expertly constructed to include Equity funds, Fixed Income managed accounts and Alternative direct investments that are verified by Deloitte.

Spread Betting

Much like CFD trading, Spread Betting is the variation for UK and Irish traders. With Spread Betting traders can trade on both rising and falling markets and they can open and exit trades when they wish using the WebTrader.

How investments work together

Risk: By building an integrated plan from Trade Capital Holding products, risk is spread across products of varying risk tolerance.

Allocation of funds: A portfolio can be strengthened by diversifying funds across an array of products in an integrated investment plan.

Cost-efficiency: By using the Trade capital Holding investments together, clients can save money on research and fees, and time through the one-stop support and account systems.

Hedging: If one product is making losses, the integrated plan allows hedging on another to maintain short and long-term financial goals.

Diversity: The integrated planning provided by Trade Capital Holding encourages clients to be innovative and creative in their approach to investments for lifestyle and ambitions.